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Hematite processing field used plate magnetic separator delivery to India
   Addtime:2017-10-21 12:10:28   

Oct 20th ,A new finished TLGP-1830 plate magnetic separator ,which is ordered by india hematite ore client was delivery to Nhava Sheva,India.The plate MS are very popular in India area,as its large capacity and widely availabe size range,which is very adapt for hematite of india district,can bring the benefit of low costs and high recovery of hematite when processed by magentic separation.

The advantages of the TLGP plate magnetic separator are:

1。 The permanent magnet magnetic system can provide 7-8 times higher surface magnetic strength than normal magnetic system, and the maximum magnetic field intensity can reach 15000-16000Gs。Therefore, it can maximize the recovery of weak magnetic minerals such as hematite, ilmenite, chromite and limonite。

2. The structure of plate type, the openness of the magnetic circuit, can enlarge the capacity of mineral, single equipment are better than ordinary electromagnetic, drum magnetic separator processing ability, strong adaptability of minerals at the same time, the processing of particle size range from 0 to 5 mm, the biggest advantage of coarse-grained and coarse-grained minerals processing, can improve the grade of minerals, create conditions for further selection, reduce the capacity of equipment, reduce the production cost.

3. The special magnetic system and access to, tub and operation structure, can better convenient according to, debugging and maintenance, also does not need to provide excitation source, electromagnetic magnetic separator to save power consumption than 8 times, water consumption is low, the overall operating cost savings.

Since the launch of the equipment, many customers from domestic and abroad (such as India and Pakistan)have purchased them in the volume of more than 10 units.The practical experience of Tianli shows, the equipment has a good performance in the separation of weak magnetic minerals and for the iron removal of non-magnetic minerals.Besides,Tianli also produces many types of dry and wet magnetic separator, widely used in mining, aggregate, power, coal and other industries.Your inquires are always welcomed.

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