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TLGP plate MS delivery to quartz sand plant
   Addtime:2017-10-05 11:10:50   

On Sept 30, three sets of ultra-capacity permanent magnetic separator[TLGP-2530]was delivery to our client who dedecated in quartz sand industry for many years and the most famous enterprise in China.The equipment is very successful in the beneficiation of quartz,both in domestic and abroad.such as Hubei and Jiangxi province,the Pakistan and India country.The customers are satisfy with the effects of the iron removing,and the Repeated purchase deed has happened several times.

It is well known that the biggest advantage of permanent MS is come from the magnetic system, the uselife of which can be 8 years, available to harsh condition, with the features of long time Non-failure running and energy saving.Because it is an open magnetic circuit, the processing amount is larger than that of electromagnetic MS, and it can be very widely suitable for different sizes materials, suitable for the preselection of coarse grain, which can further improve the material grade.In the non-metal mining industry, it can effectively remove the weak magnetic impurities and improve the grade of raw ore.

The upper limit of magnetic field intensity can be greatly improved by using high performance NdFeB magnets, and the magnetic field strength can reach 15000Gs on the surface of the magnetic block.And using 3mm belt conveyor, the surface field of belt can reach 3000Gs.This magnetic field intensity can be effective in the beneficiation of hematite ore and other minerals.Tianli's TLGP plate MS is typical of the permanent magnetic separator.The equipment can handle materials under 5mm,The processing capacity of the TLGP-1830 model can reach 30t/H,

The actual case shows:

1.For the quartz sand,Fe content can be reduced from 0.7% to 0.018% , 

2。For feldspar,Fe content can be reduced from 0。4% to 0。117%,

3.For hematite ore, particle size within 0-10 mm, ore grade is 24%,after separation the Fe percent can be improve 8-10.

4.we also get some good results in limonite and ilmenite.

Notice: For the quartz sand and feldspar processing, the plant should employ the TLGP MS to separation in the first stage,as it has advantage in the coarse size processing,then added the Ring MS to complement the small size matrial processing in second stage.Want to know more,Pls call us.+86-579-86816586.

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